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The Endurance class landing platform dock is a well proven multi-purpose and multi-role ship designed and built by ST Engineering. To date, four Endurance 140 vessels had been delivered to the Republic of Singapore Navy and one to the Royal Thai Navy.

Capable of both vertical (helicopters) and surface (including ST Engineering's Brave class ship-to-shore connectors) lift operations, coupled with their great endurance, these vessels can provide an afloat command and logistic hub capability besides being able to project both men and equipment including to areas stricken by natural disasters. 

A larger variant, the Endurance 160 is a multi-purpose and multi-role ship designed by ST Engineering. The vessel will have five spots on deck for helicopters with a hangar deck below for more helicopter assets. 

Incorporating an extensive hospital, these vessels are well suited for naval and civilian operations including humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, peacekeeping missions and counter-piracy operations. 


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