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The Independence class Littoral Mission Vessel (LMV) incorporates an integrated command centre which co-locates the ship's bridge, combat information centre and machinery control spaces that will integrate and synergise the management of navigation, engineering, and combat functions to achieve greater operational effectiveness and efficiency, especially during maritime security operations.

The LMV is also fitted with a remote monitoring system that allows for real-time reporting of serviceability data that includes the ship's platform and combat systems' health status that can be transmitted back to shore for centralised monitoring and prognosis of the systems to detect anomalies and plan for pre-emptive maintenance.

To maximise the LMV’s versatility, it can be configured to deploy a range of containerised mission packages such as a medical module to support HADR operations. The platform can also deploy unmanned systems for surveillance and MCM operations. A medium-lift helicopter can be embarked and it has a LARS at the stern to accommodate two RHIBs or the Protector class unmanned surface vessels.