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As an integrated Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service provider, we offer services and solutions that optimise the life cycle of your assets, including equipment upgrades and maintenance to ensure equipment serviceability and smooth vehicle fleet operations.

Our comprehensive maintenance solutions range from Forwarding Deployed to Depot-Level Services for complex maintenance tasks including fleet overhaul and modernisation. As part of our holistic MRO services, we also offer after-sales support and inventory management, helping fleet owners optimise their equipment life-cycle costs. We aim to add value to our customers by providing integrated versatility, upgradability and complete life-cycle support.


What We Do

Military Vehicles Upgrading

Our one-stop services and solutions include the upgrading of military vehicles such as the M113. Other upgrading capabilities include the HMX 1100 power pack, improved driver control station, enhanced suspension kit, external fuel tanks, gun ports/vision ports, improved heavy duty final drive and the 40/50 cupola.

Engine, Transmissions and Hydraulic Systems

Reliable End-to-End Support for Entire MRO Cycle
We offer a wide range of precision engineering solution and mechanical capabilities to support and service assets such as engine and transmission maintenance, repair, overhaul, diagnostics and testing, as well as engine remanufacturing.

Engine Remanufacturing
Using precise measurements, OEM specifications and machining processes, our full range of remanufacturing facilities ensure that every engine is remanufactured to “almost new” condition for any work environment.

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Extensive Energy Solutions

We provide a diverse range of power engineering services to data centres, offshore and marine, healthcare, industrial, education, construction and infrastructure sectors such as commercial buildings, seaports and airports. This includes power system solutions, as well as the design, engineering, assembly, testing and commissioning of generator sets and hydraulic power units.

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