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You may have heard of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)’s A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (A330 MRTT) aircraft when it attained its Full Operational Capability status earlier this year. But did you know that some of the equipment on board the aircraft was designed and manufactured by ST Engineering using Additive Manufacturing (AM)?

Specifically, ST Engineering’s Additive Manufacturing Development Centre (AMDC) supported the aircraft’s aeromedical evacuation capability by designing and printing custom-made mounts for medical equipment on-board the aircraft. The mounts, 3D-printed using an aluminium alloy, had to be engineered in line with both airworthiness and mission requirements. In cramped operating conditions, every little attention to detail counts.

The mounts were designed for optimum human-machine interfacing, with equipment displays raised to a constant line of sight and a common grip feature which allowed for swift and effective handling of the equipment. Capitalising on the versatility of the AM process, the mounts were weight-optimised to give the lightest possible structure suitable for each function. In addition, to facilitate a clean and uncluttered environment for optimal patient comfort and treatment, the mounts were fastened cantilever-style.

The successful completion of this mount project represent the maturity in ST Engineering’s design capabilities and its ability to harness the benefits of AM to bring to customers airworthy, bespoke solutions. Reach out to AMDC to find out how you can use AM to empower your operations today.

Photos: Republic of Singapore Air Force