Redefining Coastal Transport and Logistics

The AirFish family of Wing-in-Ground (WIG) craft redefines maritime transport by enabling safe, sustainable and swift coastal travel and logistics.

Utilising aerodynamic forces and air pressure generated between itself and a water surface, AirFish WIG craft are able to fly at thrice the speed of existing marine craft. This brings about significant reduction in time savings and convenience for maritime public transport, luxury travel, delivery of parapublic services as well as potential military applications.

The AirFish 8, which seats 10 passengers including crew, is slated for certification and entry into market by 2025. 

Advantages of AirFish WIG craft

Swift – The AirFish can operate at three times the speed of marine craft, flying up to 90 knots safely.

Secure – Passengers experience no turbulence while flying in the AirFish; no pressure change in flight and low noise signature within cabin.

Safe – The craft’s inherent stability enables safe operations without the need for complex flight control systems.

Simple – Operable by a single pilot, the AirFish runs on an automotive engine. It requires only minimal maintenance and infrastructure.

Sustainable – Flying through ground effect makes the AirFish more efficient due to reduced drag and additional lift from increased air pressure beneath wings.

AirFish 8 Specifications

Cruising Speed: 90 knots

Cruising Range: 300nm (550km)

Payload: Up to 1,000kg

Take-off and Landing: Up to Sea State 3 and 15 knots wind speed


• Troop Carrier Variant (For Coast Guard/Military)

• 2 x Joint Modular Intermodal Containers (For Logistics)

• Enlarged Door and Stretcher Capacity (For Medivac/First Response)

• Fuel Bladder Addition (Increased range of 1000nm)

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