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Chua Jun Long, Assistant Principal Engineer, Digital Systems, joined ST Engineering after graduating from the National University of Singapore. He has spent more than 10 years with the Group and has never regretted his decision! Find out more about what he does and why ST Engineering is a great place to start and grow your career.

Q: Tell us about your work.

I work closely with my team to deliver manufacturing services for mission-critical applications. I started with firmware programming and hardware design. With time, I assumed more roles and responsibilities, and had the opportunity to travel to international conventions to market our solutions.

Q: What do you love most about working in ST Engineering?

The collaborative culture in my team allows for creative ideas and solutions that would not have been possible on my own. Furthermore, having an experienced mentor who gives me guidance and support, and inspires me to add value to my work.

 Q: Do you have any advice for fresh graduates looking to join ST Engineering?

I believe that working for a global organisation like ST Engineering can be an enriching experience that provides ample opportunities for you to grow personally and professionally. Like many of my colleagues, I’ve been able to nurture my potential whilst pursing my passion.

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