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With more than 45 years of experienced in aviation, ST Engineering has kept aircraft across the world flying safely, thanks to our global team of highly experienced engineers and technicians across our facilities in Asia, the U.S. and Europe.

As the world’s largest airframe MRO solution provider, we have proven solutions for practically every stage of an aircraft life cycle.

Learn more about the diverse opportunities that exist in our aerospace businesses and discover how Nicholas Lee, Iswandie Bin Wanhar, and Shen Wei Lei have tapped on their passions for flight to build rewarding careers.

From left: Nicholas Lee, Licensed Aircraft Technician; Iswandie Bin Wanhar, Training Manager, and Shen Wei Lei, Assistant Principal Engineer

Q. When did you first develop an interest in aerospace?

Nicholas: When I was young, my dad used to travel for work. Whenever I sent him off at the airport, I observed how planes flew. Those early experiences inspired me to work in aircraft engineering.

Iswandie: My father worked as an electrician, and I would often tag along whenever he went to work. Seeing what he did sparked a passion for electrical work, and I decided to make a career out of it, setting my sights on the booming aviation industry which I wanted to be part of.

Wei Lei: ST Engineering came to my school in China to share about its aerospace programme. At that time, aerospace was a new and exciting industry. It got my attention, and subsequently I relocated to Singapore and started as an apprentice aircraft technician.


Q. Why did you choose to work at ST Engineering? 

Nicholas: I decided to join ST Engineering as its aerospace business segment has a reputable track record and I knew that an organisation this global and diverse would give me many opportunities to grow my career.

Iswandie: I had no knowledge in the aerospace segment and I was keen to learn more and acquire new skills. I knew that I would be able to achieve these at ST Engineering. Indeed, I’ve had structured programmes to learn the trade and received guidance from supervisors and mentors who ensured my proficiency.

Wei Lei: From the start, I felt very welcomed at ST Engineering as employees here come from very diverse backgrounds. Embracing this, we are able to come together to share our unique ideas and experiences when we collaborate at work.

Nicholas Lee, Licensed Aircraft Engineer, coordinates with both internal and external stakeholders as he oversees the part-down of end-of-life aircraft


Q. What are some of the opportunities you received in your career? 

Nicholas: More than a year ago, I was entrusted to lead the part down of an Airbus A320 aircraft as Acting Project Manager. This was significant as it involved learning skills and exposure far beyond a typical engineer’s scope such as the coordination of multiple internal and external parties, and the planning of operational workflows.

Iswandie: After I completed my traineeship with the company, I was enrolled into a Certificate in Aircraft Maintenance Programme (CAMP) by my managers, which allowed me to obtain my license in aircraft engineering. Subsequently, I was also offered a sponsorship for my double degree in Business, in recognition of my efforts to stay upgraded.

Wei Lei: More than a decade ago, I had the chance to lead a team of 12 to work with local mechanics on a passenger-to-freighter conversion programme as Acting Structure Lead in Mobile, Alabama. It was an amazing experience that taught me to become a better leader!

Iswandie Bin Wanhar, Training Manager, plans and facilitates the training and development of employees


Q. What do you like best about working at ST Engineering?

Nicholas: I am grateful to have met some great colleagues here, who eventually became close friends to me outside of work too. I’ve also learned a lot from seniors who generously shared their invaluable experiences and knowledge with me and helped shape me into the engineer I am today.

Iswandie: ST Engineering has brought me many opportunities to work with technology, especially being in the aerospace field. We embrace innovation, and this has allowed us to implement radar and radio communication and navigation systems, as well as advanced simulation training systems, which we would not get exposure to in our everyday lives.

Wei Lei: Although I’ve been working at ST Engineering for more than 20 years, every change of role and department has brought forth new challenges, experiences and motivation for me. I feel that the growth opportunities here are endless and I’ve been able to build an enriching and rewarding career.

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