People & Culture

People & Culture

We certainly have what it takes!

With innovation at the heart of what we do, more than 26,000 employees are empowered to dream and push the frontiers of technology and engineering, to create impactful and innovative solutions that solve tomorrow’s challenges. 

Our dedication to excellence and our strong track record have earned us a distinctive reputation for quality and trust as a global technology, defence and engineering group.

Supported by capabilities in data analytics, artificial intelligence, data connectivity and robotics, we help transform cities, making them smarter and more sustainable, and improve the quality of life for our communities. 

Bonding through play

Our employees certainly have what it takes to work hard and play hard together! We offer multiple opportunities for teams to bond through a good mix of sports events, cross-divisional games and engagement activities.

By having fun and interaction outside of work, we are able to build rapport and foster a greater sense of bonding and camaraderie. This helps strengthen us as a team as we tackle new challenges and opportunities together ahead.

Serving our communities

Our lives are deeply intertwined with the communities where we operate and we strive to do good as we do well so that we can thrive together. 

We serve our communities through a combination of volunteer work, skills-based contributions as well as in-kind and monetary support, and actively promote a purpose-driven giving culture through corporate initiatives and volunteerism among our employees.

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