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Reimagining Road Traffic Management with AI and Data Analytics

Traffic congestion impacts cities around the world. It leads to longer commutes, air pollution, and economic costs. Due to rapid urbanisation, cities are facing increasing congestion. At ST Engineering, we combine our strong domain expertise and harness smart technologies to create solutions that enhance mobility and safety, improving the travel experience of commuters.

Tedmond Ho, Account Manager at ST Engineering’s Smart Mobility Road business, sheds light on helping cities around the world improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.

Q: Tell us more about what you do.

I identify growth opportunities and design customised solutions that minimise congestion and carbon emissions, enabling a more connected and sustainable transport system.

Leveraging my engineering background, I collaborate with both our internal teams and external partners to tailor traffic management solutions that prioritise customer needs, ensuring enhanced mobility and safety for commuters on a global scale.

Q: What are the real-world applications of your work?  

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and data analytics, our intelligent traffic management systems enhance traffic flow prediction and improve incident detection, providing real-time travel information to commuters for smoother journeys.

Every city has its unique transportation landscape and challenges. From understanding our customers’ needs, I lead a team across various expertise and translate that into customised solutions that enhance mobility and safety, thereby improving the travel experience of commuters.

Q: What excites you about working at ST Engineering?

A highlight of my job is participating in trade exhibitions around the world. This allows me to stay at the forefront of industry developments and trends while showcasing our Smart Mobility innovations to global audiences.

Throughout my career journey, I have gained invaluable experiences that have spurred my professional and personal growth. Being empowered to turn ideas into reality, while addressing the real-world needs of our customers, has given me a strong sense of purpose at ST Engineering!

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