Advancing Smart Metro Solutions in Thailand

Advancing Smart Metro Solutions in Thailand

Did you know that ST Engineering’s Smart Metro solutions are helping to connect over 1 million commuters over more than 217km of metro networks in the city of Bangkok? Made possible by our advanced rail tech, our solutions are enabling smooth and reliable rail journeys for commuters every day.

Learn more from Suthikarn Chujai, Senior Principal Engineer, Communications Systems, Urban Solutions Thailand, who specialises in building Communications Systems for MRT lines and has worked on Bangkok’s new Pink and Yellow Line Monorails. Interestingly, Suthikarn wears another hat as deputy Project Manager for an integrated traffic management platform project in Thailand and manages a team of 20.

Q. What inspired you to join ST Engineering?

I joined ST Engineering in 2016. At that time, Bangkok MRT was embarking on expansion and I was keen to find a role where I could contribute to the advancement of Thailand’s transportation industry. ST Engineering had been working to build its rail footprint in Thailand so I thought it was a great match with my aspirations. I’m glad that I joined ST Engineering as I saw its growth potential, and have also received opportunities to develop and grow professionally in parallel.

Q. Tell us about your work.

I specialise in designing, installing and testing communications systems for MRT lines in Thailand, and my recent projects include the Pink Line Monorail and the Yellow Line Monorail. The communications system of a rail network can be thought of as its digital ‘backbone’, managing and connecting various components and systems in trains and stations to enable smooth and efficient rail operations.

I am also the deputy Project Manager for our first integrated traffic management platform project in Thailand that optimises traffic flow in two intercity highways.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your work?

Our office in Thailand handles mostly MRT and road infrastructure projects which are typically huge and complex. Design-and-build rail projects require us to translate engineering concepts into a finished product that meets our customers’ requirements. Being part of such infrastructure projects allows me to translate my engineering knowledge and skills into practice, and challenges me to apply critical thinking and efficient communications. In addition, I get to meet and interact with rail experts from different parts of the world.

Each project is unique so it’s a rewarding experience for me with every project completed! I also feel a great sense of pride when I see commuters travelling on the lines that I have worked on and enjoying their journeys.

Q. What's the best thing about being part of ST Engineering?

As part of a global organisation with diverse business areas, I have the chance to pick up new knowledge, and have opportunities to grow in my career. For example, beyond MRT projects, I was also offered a chance to work on a road infrastructure project – that expands my knowledge and adds value to my professional development. I also get to work with teams in Singapore, sharing knowledge and tapping on each other’s expertise. These are experiences that very specialised or small companies are not able to offer, so I value the opportunities here.

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