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Advancing Vessel Operations with NERVA Ship Management and Sensemaking System

Meet Tan Jie Hng, Senior Engineer, Automation and Electrical Systems, and find out how we are driving advancements in vessel operations through our NERVA Ship Management and Sensemaking System.

Q: Describe what you do at ST Engineering.

I enable our maritime customers to perform predictive maintenance of their vessels through our NERVA Ship Management System. It uses data analytics and machine learning, and allows remote control and monitoring of platform sensors and systems.

My responsibilities include designing the Human-Machine Interface, developing programming logic, and ensuring the seamless integration of NERVA with other systems. Additionally, I design the Virtual Reality  experiences that enable customers to vividly experience and explore various areas of a vessel.

Q: What are some real-world applications of your work?

Developing the auto-berthing controller on NERVA opened my eyes to untapped possibilities of automation, and how I could change the way vessels are operated manually today.

With NERVA, I’m able to contribute to the advancement of vessel operations by integrating cutting-edge technology, improving user interfaces, and harnessing the potential of automation.

Q: What excites you about working in ST Engineering?

The unique opportunities at ST Engineering keep me engaged. I believe that challenges fuel our innovation, and I take immense pride in pioneering and witnessing the real-world application of new solutions.

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