Upholding Reliability in Composite Solutions

Upholding Reliability in Composite Solutions

At ST Engineering, some of our Commercial Aerospace teams across Asia and Europe develop, design, and manufacture composite solutions that are strong and robust, yet lightweight, making them incredibly suitable for aircraft use.

Learn more from Emma Svensson, Composite Technician and Production Inspector, Commercial Aerospace, who handles composite repairs for various types of aircraft structures and related components in Sweden.

Q: Hej hej, Emma! What inspired you to join the aerospace industry?

I’ve always had a fascination with the aerospace industry since I was young. I became interested in composite work in high school and wanted to pursue it as a career. I joined ST Engineering as an intern shortly after and have been here ever since!

Q: Why did you decide to start your career at ST Engineering?

Aerospace has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. Yet, I found during my internship that the organisation embraces diversity and inclusivity. My colleagues here in Arlandastad have always been receptive towards me and treated me as their equal. This created a comfortable work environment early on, which I felt was great to start my career in.

Q: Tell us about your work.

In my role, I inspect aircraft composite components and structures for damages. This involves comparing observed issues against part manuals, and visually recording wear and tear via photographs. I then create reports of these identified damages and recommend corrective actions to take. These reports will then serve as guides for our engineers to enable a streamlined and effective composite repair process.

Q: What do you enjoy most about work?

I really like the supportive work environment we have here! I was able to grow quickly, as I was often encouraged to ask questions without hesitation. My colleagues and I also have open dialogues, which deepen mutual understanding and cultivate robust working relationships.

Q: What advice do you have for someone looking to enter this field?

Don’t be afraid to try new things! Seek advice from others when unsure, so that you can do things the right way. Always be ready to speak up and share your experiences with your team, as they could find your input valuable.

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