Energetic Materials and Ammunition Surveillance Services

Energetic Materials and Ammunition Surveillance Services

With decades of experience in the energetic materials industry, our customers can be assured that the management of their energetic materials are always in safe hands. Besides the safe disposal, surveillance and storage of such materials, we offer customised training and consultation services.

Our Services

Disposal of Energetic Material

With decades of industry experience, clients of our energetic material disposal services include the authorities and commercial industries. Apart from conventional ammunition, we have disposed commercial energetic materials used in Aerospace and Marine industries.

Disposal of energetic materials from ammunition are typically performed via demilitarisation. Energetic material will then be disposed through our in-house incineration plant or the Open Burning/ Open Detonation method. Energetic material and ammunition items we dispose of include flares, small arms ammunition, All Up Round artillery rounds and rocket motors.

Dangerous Goods Management Course

We leverage our expertise in energetic material management to develop the Dangerous Goods (Energetic Materials) Management Course as part of the Workforce Skills Qualifications programme in Singapore. Through the course, learners will gain the skills and knowledge to work with energetic materials.

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