Weapons and Ammunition

Weapons and Ammunition

Total Solution for Multiple Scenarios

We offer a wide spectrum of weapons and ammunition across large, medium and small calibre categories to meet the diverse operational needs of modern-day combatants.

Our large calibre weaponry includes advanced mortar systems such as the low-recoil 120mm Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System (SRAMS), and the Howitzer series 155mm FH2000, and PEGASUS 155mm.

In the medium-calibre category, our 40mm payload and delivery systems are widely employed by armed forces around the world. Ranging from low to high velocity rounds, its prowess and firepower have been proven in different environment settings including urban and battlefield engagements.

For small calibre weapons, we provide rounds for the SAR21 assault rifle, ULTIMAX 100 light machine gun, GPMG general purpose machine gun, CIS 50MG machine gun and Compact Personal Weapon (CPW) for close range operations.

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Weapons and Ammunition