Powered by analytics to improve resource utilisation and operational responses

With expertise in flexible systems integration, we are well-positioned to integrate AI analytics and IT solutions for hospitals seeking digitalised health information systems. Our suite of solutions supports hospitals in harnessing IoT for enhanced operational performance and resource optimisation.

Hospital Operations Centre

Our Hospital Operations Centre (HOC) optimises patient flow, maximises hospital capacity and ancillary services, and improves the efficiency of emergency departments. Leveraging our AGIL Ops Hub, HOC unifies actionable analytics to streamline workflow and elevate patient experience.

Hospital Information System

Our Hospital Information System, part of our Digital Healthcare Suite, enables access to real-time patient data across disparate systems. It acts as a central depository for all active, clinically relevant and patient-specific information. Accessible to various teams, this system ensures doctors, nurses, and administrators stay aligned on patient status, facilitating quality care.

Ambulance Triage System

Our Ambulance Triage System is a digital platform that links emergency medical services and hospitals, allowing them to view, document, and share patient data in real-time for pre-hospital emergency care. This reduces door-to-treatment time and preserves the golden hour for better patient outcomes.

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