Our Strategic Investment in Cyngular

Our Strategic Investment in Cyngular

ST Engineering has recently made a strategic investment into Israeli cybersecurity startup Cyngular. Cyngular provides a revolutionary solution in Cloud Investigation and Response Automation (CIRA). This investment will strengthen the collaboration and partnership between ST Engineering and Cyngular by bringing CIRA to our current suite of solutions - further strengthening our value proposition in the cybersecurity space.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organisations are increasingly relying on cloud computing to power their operations. Globally, we see cloud computing markets growing at a rate of about 14% compound annual growth rate. In Singapore, we see the government on track to migrate over 70% of workload onto the cloud. While this shift to the cloud has shown results in efficiency and efficacy, it comes with potential cybersecurity risks.

With the ever-growing complexity of cloud environments, the sheer volume of potential threats, the speed at which cyberattacks can occur, and the novel ways where attackers can strike, traditional manual incident response processes are proving inadequate. A recent Gartner report points out that "modern malware and data breaches in cloud environments are often fileless and operate either solely in memory without leaving any trace on disk, or via application programming interfaces (APIs) or integrated software as a service (SaaS) offerings, making it increasingly difficult or impossible to properly investigate with traditional forensic methods and tooling." This is where CIRA solutions emerge as a crucial and transformative solution.

Cyngular provides a SaaS platform solution that autonomously investigates, hunts, and mitigates threats in the cloud. With a refreshingly simple and quick onboarding process, Cyngular will be able to provide 100% real-time visibility on all of the cloud-based assets of any organisation. While having this visibility itself is a boon to most chief information security officers (CISOs), it is merely the tip of the iceberg for Cyngular.

Cyngular’s platform greatest ability is in its automation of the investigation and response to cyber threats that are traditionally performed by highly-trained cybersecurity analysts. Today, most cybersecurity analysts are presented with and investigate thousands of alerts each day. This results in fatigue and potential human errors. Cyngular is able to identify correlations between different security alerts over a period of time. The ability to create a 3D relational map allows Cyngular to identify real threats and minimise false alarms. It also allows Cyngular to identify low and slow threats, as well as mitigate them without a human in the loop.

This disruptive solution from Cyngular is only possible due to the strong founding team of Chief Executive Officer Paul Moskovich and Chief Technology Officer Itzik Berrebi. Paul brings with him over 25 years of cybersecurity experience as the former deputy Director-General and Chief Executive Director for National Cyber Operations at the Israeli National Cyber Directorate. He was also the former CISO of Rafael Advance Defence Systems, Elbit Systems and Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank. Itzik boasts similarly strong cybersecurity credentials as a former 8200 unit analyst, a Cyber Hunting and Incident Response team lead at Rafael, and a CISO at Fireblocks (a unicorn Israeli startup).

Looking forward, Cyngular has already gained traction within Israel by acquiring Cellcom, Israel’s largest telecommunication company, as a client and have started commercial expansion into the United States. Cyngular will work closely with us to lend their solutions and expertise as we develop and grow our cloud cybersecurity business.