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As a large local enterprise, ST Engineering takes the lead to develop a robust local defence eco-system that offers the breadth and depth of technology and engineering capabilities for the manufacturing and production of the Group’s advanced solutions.

The Hunter programme alone involved more than 100 local SMEs, with a workforce of about 2,000 people, producing more than 1,400 parts in each vehicle.

These SME partners have grown either in scale or expertise and capabilities on their collaboration journey with ST Engineering.

Tex-Star provided the fabrication, machining and surface finishing services for the Hunter programme in 2017. The company saw significant progress in business workflow and manufacturing processes.

Mr Joe Er, the executive director of Tex-Star Engineering Pte Ltd, said he is proud to be involved in the creation of a Singapore-made defence vehicle that protects the country for many generations to come.

Likewise, the managing director of Vision One Pte Ltd, Mr Danny Yin is proud to have made a contribution to building Singapore's defence eco-system.

One of the leading sheet metal fabricators in Singapore, Vision One enjoyed higher revenue but more importantly, the successful collaboration proved that Vision One has what it takes to meet the stringent standards in quality assurance and compliance.

Mr Leong Yew Wah, divisional director of sales at Precision Technologies Pte Ltd which provided the multi-function control handles for the Hunter, echoes the same sentiment, "We were involved in the programme since day one. To keep pace with new inputs and requirements and fine-tune the ergonomics to perfection, we had to keep abreast of technology trends to ensure we have all the right ingredients to create a warfighting platform of the future."

One of ST Engineering's turnkey contractors since 1994, HPH Technologies continued the longstanding strategic partnership with the Hunter programme. The company's involvement not only provided a steady stream of revenue and business growth, but also enabled an up levelling of capabilities.

Mr Lim Hak Poh, the company's managing director, stresses that as a part of the military hardware supply chain, it is integral for HPH Technologies to develop a culture of quality management. Moving up the vertical integration ladder has opened the door to new opportunities.

Another long-term partner Team One Technologies Pte Ltd, which supplied the digital video switching and display unit, faced the challenge of converting requirements from the drawing board to reality. Mr Nelson Yeo, Team One’s manager, asserts that there was a need to ensure that the products were safe and reliable.

“In the case of the Hunter programme, ST Engineering is well supported by many SMEs with innovative and production capabilities. These external sources complement our technical know-how, system design and integration capability. In the process of co-sharing our ideas and capabilities, we are able to foster a vibrant eco-system for the home-grown defence industry.” said Dr Lee Shiang Long, President of Land Systems, ST Engineering.

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