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Our innovative LV ER munitions improve the war fighter’s operations in the urban environment with their shorter time of flight and higher hit probability. The 40mm LV ER munitions family includes high explosive and training variants, and can be fired from existing low velocity grenade launchers without the need for any modifications.

40mm Low Velocity Extended Range Ammunition:

  • High Explosive (HE), S482
  • High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP), S481
  • High Explosive with Self-Destruct (HE-SD), S484
  • High Explosive Dual Purpose with Self-Destruct (HEDP-SD), S483
  • High Explosive EBIX (HE), S487
  • High Explosive Dual Purpose EBIX (HEDP), S486
  • High Explosive with Self-Destruct EBIX (HE-SD), S489
  • High Explosive Dual Purpose with Self-Destruct EBIX (HEDP-SD), S488
  • Target Practice Marker, S493
  • Target Practice Tracer - Marker, S443
  • Flash and Bang (F&B), S492
  • Day & Night Marker (DNM), S498