Sensemaking Operations Hub

Sensemaking Operations Hub

Harnessing Operational Intelligence

Our Sensemaking Operations Hub harnesses operational intelligence which is a type of real-time dynamic, business analytics that allows users to see into business operations, utilising query analysis against data to create visibility and insights into business or information technology operations. It allows alerts to be sent, prompting business processes thereby enabling decisions to be made and executed via a live dashboard.

By taking in customised rules and sensemaking based on the configured rules, the system will monitor incoming data and events and make sense of them to find anomalies or identifiable patterns. Anomalies will be flagged and reported as incidents whereas identifiable patterns will be presented as checklist and to-do in the system. 

Facts and findings that are input into the system via various sources will be analysed to portray an overview picture to the users, flagging out and sending reminders to users of missing items and work to be done. Our system captures the intention and status of the individual users, as well as GPS locations of ops staff to form a situation picture. As information is transmitted back to the system, the system will correlate the information and make sense of the users' current activities displaying the insights on the video wall in the ops centre. The situation picture will highlight the progress of the investigation which offload the users on data collection and input to optimise resources and time spent.  

Building on sensemaking capabilities, the system leverages on a suite of purpose-built technology such as Entity Resolution to perform relationship discovery to:

  • Improve process of triangulating multiple sources of data to reduce time to insight
  • Reduce preparation time by automating pre-processing of operation data and information ingested by the system
  • Enhanced relationship discovery capabilities to improve Situational Awareness

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