Designed for Safety and Efficiency

Our line of tactical vehicles are designed to protect those who protect us. Built for agility and performance, we integrate smart technologies within the vehicles to provide enhanced safety and efficiency for your officers round the clock.

From shift to shift, regardless of day or night, we are here when duty calls.

Next-Generation Fast Response Car

To meet the evolving demands of the law enforcement forces, we have equipped the fast response car with smart technologies such as an automated number plate recognition system, integrated vehicular dashboard for seamless use and control of all functions, RFID technology for tracking of equipment and in-vehicle video recording system for better incident management. These are in the bid of enhancing the safety and operational effectiveness of ground officers.

Comfort is another key consideration we have taken in through ergonomically contoured front seats that ensure officers wearing equipment can have easy access in and out of the vehicle, and reduce discomfort during long operations.

Purpose-built for fast emergency response, these fast response cars also feature external mounted lights for low-light situations, and a police warning system that emits a low-frequency rumble to warn other motorists.

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