Coastal Surveillance System (CSS) provides round-the-clock, enhanced situational awareness of on-going activities in territorial waters. CSS employs Track-Before-Detect (TBD) radar technology for accurate and precise detection, tracking, and identification of targets of interest, unleashing the full potential of maritime radars. CSS enables detection of targets as tiny as swimmers. Its centralised command centre consolidates and fuses data into one complete picture. Information and missions can be easily disseminated to patrol vessels from the command centres. CSS’s extensive coverage enables swift and timely response to threats that endanger national security and protects critical onshore infrastructures.

CSS addresses challenges of national security, such as:

  • Large-scale multiple sensor fusion
  • Terrorism prevention
  • Effective target detection and heightened awareness in critical territorial waters

CSS can interface and enhance conventional radars into surveillance-capable radars. It has a Track behavioural Analysis module which automatically detects high-risk vessels and activates a camera towards it for further investigation. The recording and playback of radar tracks and camera footages allow authorities to effectively preserve evidence for post-event analysis. It can be further expanded with other plug-and-play modules like behavioural analysis, surveillance cameras, video management system and mission handling for enhanced surveillance capabilities.

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