MAPS is designed to protect seafarers and merchant ships against heightened crimes like piracy, hijacking and terrorism. It employs round-the-clock smart mobility tracking and in-depth behavioural analysis to provide early warning against suspicious vessels. The powerful software engine automatically detects, monitors and tracks small targets, even in noisy and heavily cluttered environments.

Pirates typically operate in small fast crafts or skiffs which are difficult to be picked up on common navigational radar. Our proprietary Track-Before-Detect technology uses radar tracks and intelligent behavioural analysis algorithms to identify suspicious behaviour before declaring it as a target.

MAPS accurately raises alerts when suspicious behaviour is identified, giving ship’s master and crewmembers valuable time to activate their defenses.

In many instances, pirates would abandon an attack if they realised they have been noticed or know that their target is well-prepared and will resist.

MAPS is an unmanned system, and is able to integrate with CCTV cameras or search beams to keep in sight suspect vessels well before they are close enough to mount an attack. The radar tracks and camera footages are recorded for post incident investigation.

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