Maritime Collision Detection System

Maritime Collision Detection System

Maritime Collision Detection System (MCDS) provides a continuous 360-degree spatial awareness for safe navigation, detecting any potential collision hazards coming in vessels' way. Where traditional systems such as the Automatic Identification System (AIS) and the Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) have historically failed to prevent collisions due to their inability to extract critical information without constant visual monitoring, MCDS runs silently and automatically alerts crewmembers when a threat is presented.

MCDS leverages on our AgilTrack radar tracker, specialising in detecting and tracking small vessels (most of which are unequipped with on-board AIS). Leveraging on the threshold-less algorithm, MCDS makes it particularly effective against collisions with smaller fishing boats as compared to other traditional systems.

Our behaviour analytics software runs parallel to the radar tracker, analysing and predicting the profiles of neighbouring vessels. With behaviour analytics, MCDS not only highlights immediate collision threats, but also future collision threats in the current course. The uniqueness of MCDS lies in its ability to study its environment with artificial intelligence and extract critical information such as velocity and differential distances without overloading the operator whilst providing sufficient time for collision aversion manoeuvres.

MCDS can also be equipped with CCTVs for record, evidence logging and searchlights to gain the attention of nearby vessels when there is a high risk of collision.

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