Maritime Situational Awareness System

Maritime Situational Awareness System

Maritime Situational Awareness System (MSAS) offers authorities like marine police and coast guard a far-reaching range of situational awareness and surveillance capabilities. The information sharing between the command and control centres and mobile assets allow authorities to communicate effectively for clear decision making. The solution safeguards the safety and security of coastal and territorial waters.

MSAS allows authorities to be aware of on-going activities in their area of interest, know exactly where their assets are and how best to deploy them. MSAS addresses the challenges of transnational crimes and disaster management such as:

  • smuggling and trafficking activities
  • illegal fishing
  • search and rescue operations
  • daily operational activities

The solution uses our proprietary Track-Before-Detect technology and intelligent behavioral analysis algorithms to identify suspicious activities and vessels violating traffic rules. Typical radars can be transformed into a surveillance-capable radar to detect and track small targets.

The sophisticated data processing and fusion of multiple radar tracks, AIS, cameras and sensors information put together an integrated platform of surveillance intelligence. The intuitive GUI allows authorities to share the same situational awareness between coastal radar monitoring stations, command and control centres and patrol vessels. The solution can be deployed in command and control (C2) centers, police operating barges, vessels as well as remotely in hand-held tablets.

Apart from behavioural analysis modules, other modules that reside in the solutions include:

  • Mission handling modules
  • Traffic analysis modules
  • Video management solution.

MSAS can be deployed as local displays for command and control (C2) centres, police operating vessels and fast crafts on remote hand-held tablets.

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