Empowering Connected, Resilient and Sustainable Smart Cities 

Engineered to address the connectivity, mobility, security and environmental needs of cities, our Smart City solutions deliver urban efficiencies while keeping cities and people connected, safe and secure. Leveraging AI, 5G, automation and advanced analytics, explore our latest innovations and solutions across Smart Mobility, Smart Connectivity and Smart Environment that help cities address their urban challenges.

Enabling Energy-light and Sustainable Buildings

AGIL® Smart Energy Building System

Suited for real estate and property developers, building owners, facility managers and anyone interested in sustainable development

The new AGIL Smart Energy Building System is a next-generation suite of integrated smart energy solutions that enable energy-light and sustainable buildings. It can be easily and quickly integrated in brownfield and greenfield spaces, accelerating sustainability efforts in building management.

Enhancing Connectivity, Efficiency and Safety

5G Smart Rail Operations

Engineered for transport agencies, rail/metro operators and organisations, and anyone interested in future railway communications

5G Smart Rail Operations integrates 5G mobile communications technology with rail infrastructure, bringing enhanced connectivity, operational efficiency and safety for rail operations while enabling commuters to receive updated travel information on the go.

Addressing Traffic Congestion

Tolling Solutions and Congestion Pricing

Designed for transportation agencies and departments, tolling agencies and anyone interested in tolling innovations

Our advanced tolling solutions help cities address traffic congestion by optimising road usage while reducing carbon emissions. The all-overhead digital systems leverage AI to provide highly accurate and reliable vehicle detection, classification and image capture throughout a toll zone.

Enhancing Connectivity, Efficiency and Safety

Guideway Transit Inspection Service

Developed for transport agencies, rail operators and anyone interested in guideway transit infrastructure maintenance

Guideway Transit Inspection Service revolutionises infrastructure maintenance by automating inspections, offering a one-stop solution for monitoring, analysing and predicting guideway transit infrastructure condition with improved accuracy and efficiency. Its real-time monitoring capabilities facilitates predictive maintenance and prolongs infrastructure lifespan, while its customisable, multi-functional design adapts to diverse transit environments and provides tailored assessments. Portable and modular, it facilitates efficient deployment and upgrades.

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