Tolling and Congestion Pricing

Tolling and Congestion Pricing

Trusted and Proven Globally

We specialise in delivering and operating innovative tolling and congestion pricing solutions that have been trusted by our customers and commuters around the world for the last 80 years.

Through TransCore, we have deployed comprehensive, market-leading tolling solutions and quality services for the most complex projects against challenging implementation schedules. As the technology and innovation leader in tolling solutions with an outstanding track record, we have accurately detected, classified, and reliably processed more than 10 billion annual toll transactions worldwide.

In addition, our congestion pricing solutions help cities ease congestion and reduce carbon emissions, resulting in cleaner air and improved commuting experience for communities. Our congestion pricing system is being deployed in North America’s Lower Manhattan’s Central Business District, the first congestion pricing programme in the U.S. We enable our customers to deliver benefits, such as improved traffic flow, more predictable travel times and reduced environmental pollution. It will also create a sustainable revenue source for public transportation infrastructure improvements.

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Smart Mobility: Tolling and Congestion Pricing