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Every day, tons of valuable data are generated and processed from rail platforms. By analysing the data, we can diagnose the root of operational problems, anticipate potential breakdowns and act early to prevent the failure of rail assets.

From data analytics, critical asset management and predictive maintenance, ST Engineering’s holistic rail MRO solutions aim to enhance and strengthen the reliability and sustainability of your rail assets.

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The TunnelFox® is an autonomous intelligent inspection platform that facilitates predictive maintenance and promotes asset reliability and availability. The Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) solution conducts checks and data collection automatically on your rail’s critical assets such as tunnel cracks, clearance, dampness and track bolt thinning.

The TunnelFox®'s 3D tunnel scanner is able to detect cracks as fine as 0.3mm, mark defect locations and generate image recording of the tunnel surface, a thermographic image and a three-dimensional measurement survey data for analysis. This reduces the scope for human error, safeguards crew and tracks, and helps operators save up to 95% of the man-hours used in conventional rail inspection methods. With a portable and modular design, the TunnelFox® allows for easy assembly and deployment and supports integrated and modular payloads. The LIDARS and ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles of up to 20m away while the multi-sensor technology provides precise localisation and navigation.

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