Our AGIL DriveSafe+ technology leverages artificial intelligence and automotive sensors to provide driver assistance, enhance situational awareness and boost road safety of drivers, commuters and other road users. With the use of cameras and advanced analytics, our collision warning system and anti-fatigue systems provide warnings and alert drivers of hazardous road conditions and prevent potential accidents. The video recorded footages can be downloaded for operational analysis and safety training purposes.

The AGIL DriveSafe+ can be configured to suit various needs and retrofitted on to existing vehicles, allowing fleet owners to improve the safety standards throughout the life cycle of the fleet.

  • Collision Warning System

The Collision Warning System comprises of an internal and external warning system to alert both vehicle drivers and road users upon detection of potential hazards. Equipped with adaptive technology, the system monitors blind spots, pre-empt driver of potential forward collision and provide lane departure warnings in the event vehicle is moving off the designated lane due to driver fatigue or distracted driving.

  • Anti-Fatigue Driving System

Utilising machine vision technology, the system detects and analyses driver abnormal driving status such as fatigue or distraction and prompts them with visual and audio alerts.

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