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Cities are increasingly impacted by the effects of climate change, with challenges from rising temperatures and heatwaves, to droughts and heatwave events, impacting the quality and quantity of water. With more than half the world’s population living in cities today, a smarter, more efficient water supply infrastructure improves the liveability of a city, making it a greener and more sustainable community.

Our Smart Water solutions connect and manage millions of water meters around the world for utility applications, enhancing water-energy nexus for cities worldwide.

Water Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Managing every drop, from pipe to tap

Cities look to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for more efficient ways to supply and conserve water. AMI uses radio-based technology to automate meter readings, and remotely collects water usage data in near real-time.

Comprising of smart meters, sensors, wireless network communications and a central information system platform, AMI solutions fully automate meter reading, billing and data collection processes. This presents a sustainable long-term solution to help cities prevent non-revenue losses and protect water resources, while delivering responsive service to customers.

Automated Water Leak Detection

Ensuring safe and reliable water service

Cities face the constant challenge of water loss in the water supply system, along with high maintenance costs.

As the demand for water increases along with the growing population in cities, the ability to identify defective pipes, water losses and other disturbances in the water supply is critical.

Our Automated Water Leak Detection solution integrates the use of advanced sensors with an IoT platform to support continuous and automatic monitoring of water supply systems, ensuring early detection of water leakages and faults.

Across the world, water demand is expected to increase due to climate change, dwindling water resources and rapid urbanisation. The adoption of IoT-driven smart water solutions can help cities and utility providers improve water resource optimisation and management. Learn more about our Smart Water solutions and how they can help to improve a city's water resiliency and security.

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