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We Make Engine Testing More Fuel Efficient

As part of our extensive engine solutions, we conduct engine tests to help ensure that customers’ engines are redelivered in the best possible condition. Running such tests consumes huge amount of fuel, which not only contributes significantly to operating costs, but also to greenhouse gas emissions.

In a bid to do our part for the environment, our engineers strive to reduce this carbon footprint. By a careful adjustment of the Single Run Multi-Thrust rating and optimising the trimming of the vibration fan of the engine during testing, significant fuel savings can be achieved. Since the adoption of these measures in 2016, our CFM56 engine testing facilities have successfully reduced jet fuel consumption by over 20%, which translates to an estimated 20,000 litres of fuel saved to date – almost enough to completely power an A320 for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

Environmental sustainability is both a commitment and continuous journey at ST Engineering. We strongly believe in conserving resources and conducting our operations efficiently to combat climate change, and we continue to test and incorporate more fuel-saving initiatives into our engine services to further reduce our carbon footprint and deliver greater value and greener solutions to our customers.