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Protectors of the Seas

Our range of homeland security vessels are designed for patrol and protection missions such as pursuit and arrest, search and rescue, and surveillance and patrol, offering greater seakeeping, maneuverability and deployment.

What we do

Coastal Surveillance Vessels

From defending sea borders to countering maritime security threats, our coastal surveillance vessels are designed for heightened surveillance and patrol, while responding swifter to maritime security threats.

Specialised Vessels

Pushing the boundaries to design and build highly specialised and sophisticated vessels, we leverage our deep engineering expertise and experience to meet the evolving operational requirements and technical specifications of our customers around the world.

Unmanned Surface Vessels

Highly customisable yet modular, the Venus Unmanned Surface Vehicle is designed to meet growing interest of USV re-configurable for multi-missions. The modular approach facilities the integration of multi-missions modules to the USV which can then be configured for different missions.

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Homeland Security Vessels

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