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We are working towards a waste-free future where aerospace parts are printed on-demand and delivered within hours to our customers by providing one-stop shop Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions.

Our end-to-end expertise in engineering design, quality-assured print processes and materials, post-processing know-how as well as our certification network enable us to turn an idea from concept to product. We are the first in the region to receive certification from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency for proprietary AM processes and AM products for aircraft operations.

We offer a diverse suite of quality replacement and bespoke parts that are certified for service. Explore our product portfolio below.

Can’t find a replacement part or wish to know how AM technologies could benefit your operations? Contact us for a non-obligatory discussion on solutions that meet your requirements.

Our Products

Cabin Interior

Cabin interior parts see frequent wear and tear from use. Our AM components are designed to be sturdy, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Economy Seat Arm Caps
  • Kickstrip End Caps
  • Galley Handle
    (Alternative to P/N JMS2010-11G)
  • Business Class Seat Shroud
    (Alternative to P/N 1010531 -325BYG, -326BYG)
  • Exit Signage Shroud
    (Alternative to P/N 0201000-001)
  • Personal Service Unit Spacers
    (Alternative to P/N A252 -85492, -85497)

Passenger-to-Freighter Components

Our AM components help reduce the production and installation lead times that traditional components usually take for aircraft undergoing the Passenger-to-Freighter conversion programme.

  • Ceiling Signage Housing
  • Cargo Door Latch Indicator
    (Alternative to P/N D523R5482-200)
  • Cockpit Blanking Plate
    (Alternative to P/N F923R5062-202-00)
  • Gasper Repair Housing
    (Alternative to P/N EA-349-26-000-0381)

Brackets and Fittings

Our AM components are designed with integrated features to reap cost and time savings while simplifying installation and operations.

Components for Emerging Needs

Can’t find what you need in our inventory to support your new capabilities? We can tailor a component for you. Here are some customised products:

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