Services and Capabilities

Services and Capabilities

Our end-to-end expertise in advanced manufacturing allows us to imbue value at every stage of the product development cycle. With our proprietary process specifications and integrated workflow procedures, we have all the tools to take a product from a concept to a complete, commercial-ready solution.

Machines and Materials

AMDC specialises in both polymer and metal 3D printing. Our available materials include: 

  • Aerospace grade plastics: ULTEM 9085, PA2241FR
  • Commercial grade plastics: PETG, ABS, TPU, ABS, PA2200
  • Metals: AlSi10Mg, Ti64, Inconel 625, SS316L
  • Other materials may also be available on request

Our machines support various manufacturing technologies, including Filament Layer Manufacturing, Powder Bed Fusion, Direct Energy Deposition, and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing-Driven Engineering Design

We can turn your concepts into reality. Working closely with our customers to understand their design requirements and guidelines, we ensure robust and effective solutions that cater to their needs, making targeted improvements to additive manufactured parts to maximise performance. These enhancements are made possible through:

  • Design with specific and printable features, supported by a full suite of design software and capabilities 
  • Rapid prototyping that enables quick visualisation, evaluation and testing of designs, concepts, or parts 
  • Strategic pairing of materials and systems 
  • Topology optimisation – the removal of material where it is not required – to achieve the most efficient and lightweight way to design a component with AM-enabled design freedom

Qualified Systems and Workflow Processes

Our experience in qualification means that we know what it takes to bring new materials and systems into the aviation industry effectively. This expedites the certification process for AM components. 

Our series of proprietary process specifications, accepted by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, ensure complete process controls that cover material management, printing execution, inspection and post-processing. 

We also possess defined design and production interfacing procedures to ensure an integrated workflow for optimised quality and safety.

Optimising Print Strategies

Print optimisation ensures that our prints complete successfully with the highest quality. This is supported by our full swathe of software options to customise each and every print job.

Our accumulated experience in accessing and picking the best orientation to pack and print parts means that we can maximise the part quality while minimising printing time, cost and material usage.

Verification and Validation

All AM materials, processes, and products are put through a rigorous validation and verification programme to provide customers complete peace of mind.

We have established our own qualified, proprietary workflow and processes through research and development, careful statistical studies and continuous testing.   

The verification and validation process comprises:  

  • Design value and performance tests  
  • Material and product flammability tests  
  • End-product proof load tests  
  • Service simulation tests  
  • Co-printed articles for witness testing  
  • Physical tests to validate our digital simulations

R&D Ecosystems

We work closely with a diverse network of research and educational institutions, local small and medium enterprises, airline partners and international brands to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the AM industry. Our efforts in the R&D ecosystem include:  

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