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Poon Jeun Lek

Intern from National University of Singapore

I found several aspects of my internship enjoyable: the collaborative work culture, and the opportunity to explore various methods for solving complex problems. My supervisor and colleagues at ST Engineering’s Defence Aerospace business exhibited patience and hospitality, and I enjoyed the open discussions with them.

Beyond work, I connected with colleagues on a personal level and discovered more about their life experiences and professional journeys. Reflecting on my internship, I gained valuable knowledge about the organisation, got hands-on experience with different technologies, and improved both my technical and interpersonal skills.

Muhammad Afiq Iswandy

Intern from ITE in Singapore

Throughout my internship with ST Engineering, I found great satisfaction in working closely with the Urban Solutions Mobility (Rail & Road) team. The exchange of ideas and experiences not only enriched my learning but also gave me practical engineering knowledge and real-world insights. I felt a sense of accomplishment each time I contributed to a key task and saw it through to the end. Overall, I had a fulfilling internship experience and savoured the journey!

Marcus Tan

Intern from ITE in Singapore 

The internship experience at ST Engineering has shaped my approach to learning and problem solving and prepared me further for the rigours of the cybersecurity industry. Working closely with ST Engineering's Cyber business, I gained valuable experience in creating practical scenarios for cyber range training. The hands-on tasks reinforced the importance of strong technical skills in solving complex problems in dynamic and fast-paced environments. I can attest that ST Engineering offers rich opportunities for those willing to learn and overcome obstacles!

Xavier Chen

Intern from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

I had a slice of life of a full-time engineer with ST Engineering's Digital Systems business and had opportunities to collaborate on diverse projects. I relished the office-based design work as well as being onsite each week to oversee the fabrication process with my supervisor. Despite the occasional stress from tight deadlines, the camaraderie with friendly colleagues made the experience an enriching and meaningful journey—one that extended beyond the classroom walls.

Tee Choon Wee

Intern from Singapore Institute of Technology

The exposure to 3D printing technology was transformative, allowing me to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, and participating in the entire process from conceptualising ideas to designing, building, and testing prototypes. I found my internship experience at ST Engineering’s Land Systems business to be truly enriching and empowering due to the autonomy, collaboration, and support from my colleagues as well as the conducive learning environment.

Jayden Lee

Intern from Singapore Institute of Technology

Through this experience, I gained deeper insights into ST Engineering’s Commercial Aerospace cluster, particularly Unmanned Aerial Systems, and hone essential soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. I had the chance to contribute meaningfully to projects, collaborate with experienced colleagues, and immerse myself in a dynamic and innovative work culture. It was a transformative experience that prepared me for future career challenges!

Ling Cheng Kiat

Intern from National University of Singapore

It was exciting to be a part of an organisation at the forefront of technological advancements. My internship at ST Engineering's Commercial Aerospace cluster was a fantastic learning experience. I enjoyed hands-on opportunities with cutting-edge technologies as well as collaborations with skilled professionals. The expertise I gained bolstered my ability to translate complex business requirements into actionable data models, and I was able to develop both technical and soft skills through this experience.