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Redefine Your Metro Experience

It takes a well-integrated ecosystem to deliver a smooth and enjoyable journey for commuters.

We provide an integrated suite of metro solutions to enhance efficiency, optimise capacity and modernise metro systems, providing comfortable and safe rides for urban dwellers. 

One of the few companies in the world capable of delivering a full suite of Smart Metro Systems and Solutions, we have delivered more than 200 transit system projects globally.

Smart Metro Control Centre

Driving your metro transport network with analytics

Enterprise Asset Management System

Stay on top of your maintenance programmes and optimise the lifecycle management of your rail assets

Mobility Payment Solutions

Automate your end-to-end fare collection for greater operational efficiency and commuter convenience

Platform Screen Door

Enhance commuter experience while keeping them safe

Passenger Information System

Deliver real-time information to keep your passengers updated throughout their entire journey

E-Metro Package

Delivering our solutions individually or as a turnkey package to meet your metro needs

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Smart Mobility (Rail and Road)