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Why Is It Material

We are only as strong as our people. With a capable, motivated and upward mobile workforce, we are able to strengthen our pipeline of talent to pursue sustainable growth.

How We Manage

Our people and culture strategy seeks to enhance our capability and capacity for growth, build a passionate and engaged workforce, and position us at the forefront of people practices. This proposition is realised through talent attraction and management, career development, diversity and inclusion, reward system, work-life integration and harmonious union relations. We also provide staff grievance mechanisms and whistle-blowing channels for our employees to raise any concerns.

What We Do

We execute our people and culture strategy through the following:

Learning & Development

The retention of qualified and experienced personnel is critical to achieving the Group’s strategic objectives. Our training development plan and performance management system work in tandem to support the career progression of our employees. We continue to:

  • Carry out Learning Needs Analysis and develop an annual training plan (including on-the-job training)
  • Track training hours
  • Make training accessible through personalised, bite-sized, on demand and mobile learning opportunities
  • Offer a Global Leaders Development Programme
  • Provide flexible career tracks where employees can move between management or engineering tracks to gain exposure
  • Create a pool of potential successors for key positions through our talent management programmes

Compensation & Benefits

We reward contribution and performance with base salary, variable pay, benefits, recognition awards and career growth. Our performance based pay practices take into account the Group’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI), individual performance, internal equity and industry practices. To that end, we:

  • Conduct an annual performance management process involving goal-setting, continuous performance review and full year assessment
  • Carry out an annual KPI setting, cascading and tracking exercise
  • Recognise outstanding staff with career opportunities and awards
  • Conduct regular surveys to ensure our compensation and benefits package remains competitive

Work-life Integration

We recognise that employees increasingly seek to integrate work and personal life commitments. To that end, we:

  • Maintain flexible work arrangements
  • Provide paid family care leave as applicable


Diversity & Inclusion

We encourage fair employment practices worldwide and offer equal opportunities based on merit to all our employees. We do not condone personal bias or prejudice, and advocate fair recognition. We do not discriminate according to age, race, nationality, religion, gender or marital status. We are committed to providing a work environment that is free from discrimination or harassment of any type, where the recruitment, employment and development of people are based on qualifications, skills and competencies to do the job. Accordingly, we:

  • Abide by local fair employment laws and regulations
  • Promote gender diversity through Women@ST Engineering to support women to achieve their full potential in careers as individuals and leaders, and meaningfully fulfil work-life commitments and integration

Union Relations

We recognise that harmonious labour management relations are built on trust and fairness. We respect all employees’ fundamental rights to freedom of association, including the right to be members of trade unions. To that end, we:

  • Take guidance from local industrial relations laws and regulations
  • Maintain strong relationships with the unions through frequent activities and dialogues to discuss, clarify and resolve issues, and seek buy-in on new initiatives
  • Ensure our unions, where applicable, are represented in key committees such as safety and welfare so that concerns can be promptly surfaced and addressed