Framework and Governance

Framework and Governance



Responsible Global Citizen

We do our part by nurturing an ecosystem that promotes the continuous growth of our business and supports inclusive development. We do this through:

  1. Conducting our business in a responsible and ethical manner
  2. Complying with all legal and regulatory requirements
  3. Using resources efficiently
  4. Contributing to the communities that we operate in
  5. Broadening our diversity initiatives and developing our people.

Enabler of a Sustainable World

We strive to enable our customers on their journey by offering products and solutions that will help them grow and operate sustainably. We do this through:

  1. Harnessing technology and innovation to address real-world problems.
  2. Our sustainability-linked products and services incorporate green technologies and climate related design considerations.
  3. Integrating sustainability into our strategy and operations ensures that our business remains resilient amid an uncertain and volatile world.

Governance Structure

We believe that success is built on a culture of sustainability in the organisation. Our culture of sustainability is dependent on a strong, committed and accountable leadership, with the support of every employee. 

Board of Directors

The Board holds ultimate accountability, provides strategic direction and considers sustainability issues, including the management of material ESG factors, in the formulation of the Group’s strategies and policies.

Risk and Sustainability Committee (RSC)

The RSC sets direction and provides oversight on risks, internal controls and sustainability matters. Our annual risk and sustainability work plans are also reviewed and approved by RSC.

Group EXCO and Group Senior Business Council (GSBC)

The P&CEO leads the implementation of sustainability as an integral part of the Group's business strategy. The Group Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer works with the Group EXCO and senior business leadership in the GSBC to ensure that sustainability is at the core of the Group’s business strategy, and that Economic, Social and Governance considerations are integrated into both our immediate and long-term business plans.

Business Area and Group Functions

Our Business Area and Group Functions play critical roles in shaping and supporting the Group's strategy by working in key areas such as Technology and Innovation, Operational Excellence and Sustainability. This is enabled by an annual planning process which is underpinned by our strategic planning and financial planning processes, as well as our governance and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) systems.

Sustainability is the responsibility of every employee. We enable this by mobilising teams at every level including Group Sustainability team at Corporate, Operational Excellence Steering Committee (OESC), Operational Excellence Specialist Teams (OEST), business area sustainability-focused teams, Sustainability Working Committee and various operations-level teams and individuals across our global sites.

Measuring Performance

We measure a range of financial, non-financial and operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These have a significant impact on the resilience and sustained performance of our Group’s businesses globally, whether in the short, medium or long-term. Our KPI areas include those indicated in the table below.

Our Senior Management’s remuneration is linked to the achievement of annual performance targets, including material risks and sustainability performance.