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Why Is It Material

Staying lean, efficient and effective in our systems and processes to optimise the use of resources is fundamental in maintaining our competitive edge and engaging in responsible consumption and production. We employ productivity initiatives to engage our employees and believe that our workforce productivity and engagement are crucial to the success of the Group.

How We Manage

Productivity efforts are coordinated by the Continuous Improvement Committee. The Group’s productivity agenda focuses on six drivers of productivity:

  1. Enabling a productive work environment
  2. Encouraging innovation and use of technology
  3. Developing people and enhancing skills
  4. Organising work systems and reviewing work processes
  5. Adopting best practices through networking
  6. Measuring what matters

We believe that every employee is an expert at their job and recognise their contributions in spotting and eliminating wastes in our processes.

What We Do

To embed continuous improvement into our day-to-day activities and drive productivity, we:

  • Set and track productivity targets
  • Train our staff on continuous improvement tools such as 5S Housekeeping, DIVE, Kaizen, Quick Changeover, Pareto Analysis, Standard Work, Total Productive Maintenance and Value Stream Mapping
  • Pursue Robotic Process Automation projects
  • Organise an annual Team Excellence Convention to promote and recognise teams that demonstrate excellence in creating value and raising productivity
  • Review our structure, systems and processes periodically to achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness

View our Sustainability Report to find out what we did in 2020 and what we will do in 2021.