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Shaping the Future with Smart MRO

We continuously invest in and incorporate smart technologies into our MRO work so as to serve our customers better and contribute to the safety and success of the aviation industry. Making our MRO solutions and process smarter also help to optimise the use resources, which helps to reduce wastage, operating costs and our carbon footprint. To transform our hangars into one for the future, we have been focusing our efforts on four strategic fronts – digitisation, robotics, additive manufacturing and data analytics.

What We Do


Digitisation is the backbone of our Smart MRO strategy. By digitising all our existing workflow and management systems, maintenance activities can be assigned, approved and monitored online in real-time for greater efficiency.


We leverage collaborative robots in our operations to increase work efficiency. Our smart robotics solutions include drones to carry out visual inspections of aircraft during maintenance, and automated systems to retrieve and transport material from the warehouse for just-in-time and point-of-use operations.

The consistent repeatability of such work processes contributes to enhanced quality and safety.

Additive Manufacturing

We provide a growing range of high quality replacement and bespoke aircraft parts for MRO and passenger-to-freighter programmes that enables faster turnaround time, weight savings and lower life cycle cost.

Our rich experience in engineering and certification means we can design, produce and certify products that meet aviation authorities’ stringent requirements for aircraft installation.

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Data Analytics

Going digital turns documents into valuable data. By analysing the data, we can derive insights to optimise operations such as predictive maintenance for enhanced MRO scheduling and material management. Our in-house dashboards with data analytics enable faster decision-making and faster turnaround time for our customers.

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