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Redefining Safer Seas

Autonomous technology herald an exciting future for maritime applications. Building on our rich experience in the design and development of unmanned vessels, we develop autonomous vessels that ease manpower constraints, improve operational efficiencies, and most importantly, keep seas and crew operators safe. 

What We Do

Smart Maritime Autonomous Vessel (SMAV)

Taking a step forward in driving the development of unmanned technologies, we converted a manned tugboat into a Smart Autonomous Maritime Vessel (SMAV) for greater operational efficiencies and safety through the integration of autonomous waypoint navigation with Collision Detection and Collision Avoidance and our very own NERVA Ship Management and Sensemaking System.

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VENUS Unmanned Surface Vehicle (VENUS USV)

Highly customisable, the VENUS USV is designed to meet the growing need for unmanned surface vessel reconfiguration to perform autonomous missions.

It is equipped with a wide range of sensors, including a combination of electro-optical and radar sensors, that allows safe autonomous navigation in a dense maritime environment.

Its modular approach allows different mission modules to be integrated with the USV to perform various tasks.

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AUTONOMAST™ is designed to convert a manned vessel into an unmanned surface vessel for autonomous missions.

It is suited for the defence, maritime security, oil and gas, windfarm, firefighting and shipping industries, enabling vessels to manoeuvre autonomously, intelligently and safely at sea.

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MERCURY Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (MERCURY AUV)

The modular MERCURY AUV is designed and tested to operate in littoral and congested maritime environments.

Armed with advanced sensors, navigation and communication features, it captures and processes high quality seabed data with full mission autonomy.

Configurable for a range of customised underwater applications, it meets autonomous mission needs such as Mine Counter Measures, as well as underwater survey and inspection.

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JUPITER Autonomous Solar-Powered Vessel (JUPITER ASPV)

The JUPITER ASPV is designed for various applications, including:

  • Retrieve flotsam (marine debris)
  • Clear aquatic plants
  • Sample and monitor water quality

Equipped with a solar roof with 2KW of solar estate, JUPITER efficiently charges onboard batteries to power its entire system.

Learn more about JUPITER ASPV

Long Endurance Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Designed for greater speed, higher manoeuvrability and seakeeping, the Long Endurance Unmanned Surface Vessel (LEUSV) is a high speed long endurance, autonomous system equipped with advanced autonomy technologies such as obstacle detection, collision avoidance system and an intelligent power management system.

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