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Corporate Governance

We believe that good governance is the foundation for long-term value creation and ST Engineering is committed to conducting its business in a responsible manner, supported by a group-wide enterprise risk management framework and backed by a strong Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

As a company listed in Singapore, we are bound by the listing rules and guidance promulgated by the Singapore Exchange (SGX), and we comply with all the requirements listed in Singapore’s Code of Corporate Governance. We comply with all the applicable laws and regulations of all relevant jurisdictions and industries in order to maintain our licences to operate. We have zero-tolerance for fraud and corrupt practices in our business units globally and throughout our value chain.

The Group deploys the Enterprise Risk Management Framework (Framework) to identify the key risks that may impede the achievement of its business goals in the short, medium and long term. It sets out a consistent definition of risk and risk tolerance limits to ensure that business units have a common understanding when identifying and assessing risks. Besides business risks, the Framework also analyses the financial and non-financial impact of risks arising from sustainability areas of environmental, social and governance.


Key Business Risks