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As the future battlefield becomes increasingly complex, constant modernisation and innovations in combat technologies will help warfighters in maximising combat effectiveness and achieving force multiplier effect. These innovations will be scalable, modular and able to integrate with existing personnel and weapons.

To create world-class warfighters that are ready for the future, innovations within the Integrated Soldier Systems (ISS) are designed to enhance four capabilities:

  • Cognitive Superiority
  • Unified Man-unmanned Teaming
  • Enhanced Survivability
  • Smart Lethality

From intelligent solutions that allow us to augment the existing weapon system and create a coordinated network of soldiers, to equipment that increases survivability without compromising agility, we have what it takes to give future warfighters the decisive edge in the digital battlefield. Product offerings from each of the four capabilities work in tandem as part of the force-multiplier effect. This allows future warfighters to execute missions with outmatched intelligence, lethality, survivability, and tactical edge over adversaries.


Cognitive Superiority

Battles are rarely won without intelligence, and we are pushing technological boundaries to accelerate the cycle of gathering, deciphering, processing and understanding information. The ability to make decisions faster than the adversary does is to have Cognitive Superiority.

With our SHADES Head-Up Display (HUD), friendly troops can exchange information while staying connected to reality. This collaborative effort enabled by the mixed reality system helps to improve situation awareness and decision-making. To alleviate cognitive burden, the system is able to perform threat detection. Overall, we believe that our products have the technological prowess to change the way information is collected in the battlefield, and we have what it takes to transform information into power.


Unified Man-unmanned Teaming

The modern battlefield is ever-changing and always challenging. Actionable intelligence is required to enable rapid decentralised decision-making.

Synchronised deployment of the soldier, together with a suite of unmanned systems, helps to achieve extended range performance. Synergising control of unmanned systems using a controller on the weapon fore grip or SHADES Head-Up Display (HUD), the soldier gains situational awareness of the surroundings and potential threats. Video feeds from the unmanned systems to the SHADES HUD allow for tactical reconnaissance while keeping the operator safe. In unison, a force multiplier effect is achieved, allowing troops to advance and achieve objectives safely and effectively.

Enhanced Survivability

Survivability in combat is more than just having a good weapon. Our wearable system is designed to provide superior protection and sustainable load bearing, without any compromise to mobility. This allows the modern-day soldier to possess survivability beyond that of their opponents in contested environments.

The system includes:
Personal Reinforced Outer Tactical Equipment Carrier (PROTEC) 
Personal Lightweight Advanced Technology (PLATE) ballistic armour
Garment Engineered with Advanced Research (GEAR) uniform 
ProLITE belt 
TITAN laminate

Smart Lethality

The modern battlefield is rapidly increasing in complexity. Utilising a system approach to the soldier’s standard weapon, Smart Lethality augments a world-class weapon system with advanced technology.

Paired with the FCS, the Ultimax 100 Mk8 Light Machine Gun (LMG) and the SAR21 Modular Mounting System (MMS) rifle give soldiers an unmatched edge in combat effectiveness. Weapon systems designed for low recoil and improved controllability, together with the capabilities of the FCS, offer increased first-round accuracy and weapon lethality when engaging adversaries. These systems employed by soldiers provide surgical efficiency and combat efficiency on today’s battlefield.