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Versatile for Various IoT Applications

Smart sensors and microwave sensor modules are changing the way we work and play in our everyday lives. Whether for building facilities, lighting and safety devices, or security applications, we offer a suite of smart sensor solutions that are crucial in enabling Internet of Things (IoT) applications for accurate sensing, detection and automated collection of data and information. 

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AGIL Microwave Sensor Modules
AGIL Contactless Switch 
AGIL Obstacle Detection Radar

AGIL Microwave Sensor Modules

Reliable, Compact, Lightweight

AGIL Microwave Sensor Modules are compact and ultra-lightweight for all-weather conditions. It is reliable and highly responsive over an extended range to meet various speed, distance, angle, motion and occupancy-sensing requirements. The modules are designed to enable sensor solutions, systems and applications for various industries.

Complying with international standards, the sensor modules are engineered in state-of-the-art facilities that meet high standards for quality, safety and consistency in manufacturing. We provide a complete range of microwave sensors operating in various frequencies:

  • K-Band: extend applications to automotive, traffic and sports
  • C- and X-Band: for IoT, security, lighting and touch-free applications
    • K-band Motion Detector (MP131, MP132) – motion detection range of more than 12 metres, ultra low-power of 0.02 watts
    • K-band Ranging Motion Detector (MP331) – with motion sensing, ranging, speed detection and direction discrimination
    • K-band Traffic Monitoring Sensors (DF-Series) – accurately determine vehicle speeds up to 300km/hr for ranges of more than 300 metres

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AGIL Contactless Switch

Ideal for Safe & Hygienic Applications

AGIL Contactless Switch (SG8500/SG8800) enables safe and hygiene practices by activating switches with motion. These 'touch-free' switches can be deployed on doors or devices in environments that require high sanitation standards, making it ideal for use in hospitals, semiconductor cleanrooms, pharmaceutical and biomedical laboratories, lavatories and food processing factories.

The SG8800 is low profile and housed in a standard enclosure for hassle-free installation. It is environmentally-friendly and designed for low power consumption and radio emissions.

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AGIL Obstacle Detection Radar

Safe Navigation for Autonomous Deployment

AGIL Obstacle Detection Radar provides optimal detection radar that enables autonomous machines to navigate safely during operations. It equips autonomous small and micro aerial vehicles, and robots with highly accurate sense-and-avoid capabilities to detect and avoid stationary and moving obstacles on-site and in situations that are complex, remote or in harsh weather.

Focusing on size, weight, power and cost, the Obstacle Detection Radar enables reliable and efficient surveillance and patrolling, surveying and mapping, data collection from inaccessible areas and explorations, site inspections, transportation and navigation.

  • Smallest, lightest and most compact in the industry – suitable for fast-moving small drones and robots
  • Enables low-power, reliable and affordable deployment
  • Performs in extreme weather conditions
  • Provides spatial sense of surroundings to enable navigation beyond visual line of sight

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