Defence Platform Electronics

Defence Platform Electronics

We seamlessly integrate advanced connectivity, computing and sensors into a robust, secure and scalable system designed to empower a range of defence platforms. This advanced technology equips friendly manoeuvre forces with a unique ‘see-through’ vision system for 360-degree Enhanced Situational Awareness (ESA) to enable fighting units to operate as a collaborative, networked force.

By maintaining information superiority and providing real-time secure, AI-enabled computing, communication and data sharing, commanders on the ground can detect danger earlier, make combat decisions faster and dominate complex mission-critical environments.

Key Products & Solutions

360 Situational Awareness System (360SA)

The 360SA is an integrated vision system for armoured vehicles. It incorporates fusion cameras, integrated driver display panels and a digital video control unit, enabling closed-hatch armoured vehicle commanders and mounted troops to have an enhanced situational awareness of the external environment while they are within the vehicle.

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With governments pushing for sustainability and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels, hybrid electric technology has come into focus as a necessary technology, rather than just a novelty. Read about the accelerating need for electrification of combat vehicles, and how our HED technology is poised to address challenges in the market.

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