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Designed for excellent off-road mobility, the Spider New Generation (New Gen) Light Strike Vehicle is a 4x4 all wheel drive vehicle. Installed with a 138hp turbocharged diesel engine and state-of-the-art suspension, it is capable of climbing and traversing 60% inclines, and is able to take on difficult terrain.

A revolution of the original Spider Light Strike Vehicle, the Spider New Gen is designed for superior crew safety with a Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) standard space frame and increased reliability from its new and enhanced components. The improved manoeuvrability and high speed cross country mobility makes it ideal for providing close fire support for infantry troops and special operations forces.

The Spider New Gen can be transported by air platforms like the C-130 while being lightweight enough to allow for heli-lift operations by helicopters such as the CH-47D Chinook.

Accommodating up to a crew of 6, the Spider New Gen’s unique centre-hand drive enables flexible weapon configurations on both sides of the driver position for a wide arc of fire.

Even with its small footprint, the Spider New Gen offers a high payload capability of 1,000kg to accommodate a wide variety of weapon systems, ranging from heavy machine guns, automatic grenade launchers to ATGM launchers. Its new design enables easy customisation to suit a variety of missions, including attack, reconnaissance and combat support roles.

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