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Shaping the Future of Cities through Technology and Innovation

Every day, we empower people and organisations to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges to enable a better place to live, work and play.

We have helped to shape and transform global cities through our deep technology expertise and vast global network to innovate and bring forth bold ideas. 

Be it seamless commute or optimised lighting, interactive edutainment or simulation training, critical infrastructure or cyber resilience to connectivity anytime, anywhere, we adopt a unique customer-centric approach, AGIL, to curate, design and develop breakthrough products and solutions. To solve real-world problems, we challenge ourselves to innovate consciously, ensuring that every product, solution, and platform we create are inventive, intuitive and incisive. 

Through smarter, more efficient technologies and diverse capabilities in multiple business segments, we sense, connect and act to to prepare cities for a smarter, more sustainable future. 

Our solutions have been deployed in more than 100 cities worldwide while garnering over 100 patents, designs and trademarks. 


Advancing Mobility Today for Tomorrow

With increasing global urbanisation, the ability to transport large numbers of people efficiently, reliably and seamlessly is pivotal to economic growth.

As a trusted leading provider of rail electronics solutions and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), we leverage artificial intelligence, smart analytics and other emerging technologies to equip governments and organisations around the globe with innovative solutions that enhance operations and optimise transport networks for better commuter experiences.

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Empowering Cyber Resilience

With digital technology and highly connected economies come new vulnerabilities from a proliferation of threats. To strengthen network resilience requires new cybersecurity architectures. Backed with indigenous capabilities and deep domain expertise, we offer a full suite of solutions from cyber-secure products and cryptography services to digital authentication and SCADA protection, including audit and compliance.

We also specialise in the design and build of security operation centres (SOCs) for government agencies and commercial enterprises.

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Shaping Cities of Tomorrow with Internet of Things

With over 15 million nodes deployed globally, we empower cities to optimise their operational efficiency and deliver quality services seamlessly.

Our IoT solutions help cities manage multiple city services and applications on a common platform. The platform leverages best-of-breed technology and standards to enable data exchange and smart analytics to provide urban planners with better insights for predictive actions.

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Digital Transformation - Enabling Smarter, Faster and Stronger Force Multiplier

As a pioneer and leader in defence electronics solutions, we leverage our deep technological expertise to advance defence products, solutions and systems to meet mission-critical needs.

We help to scale in the areas of Command, Control, Communications and Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR). With our state-of-the-art training and simulation systems and robust electronics solutions, we enhance operational capabilities by enabling situational awareness, faster combat response and stronger force multiplier impact. 

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Safeguarding Cities and Citizens

Threats from unpredictable intrusions, illegal activities and attacks to critical infrastructure have intensified in recent years. Public safety agencies need to constantly stay ahead of potential incidents and collaborate effectively across multiple parties.

Our smart solutions that provide seamless and secure communication have enabled optimised operations and efficient responses to emergencies and incidents in more than 100 cities.

Discover how we equip governments and agencies with integrated safety and security solutions to anticipate and fend off public threats.

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Shaping the Future of how the World Connects

As a leading satellite communications manufacturer and solutions provider, we provide advanced connectivity to global customers, satellite operators, service providers and network operators and help them differentiate their services and expand their business. 

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Earth Observation

From satellite design, manufacturing and integration, to managing satellite launch and ground operations, and the suite of geospatial imageries provision and analytics services, we enable new possibilities and transform how businesses operate.

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Redefining Learning, Training & Play

For close to forty years, we have developed cutting-edge simulation systems that help to raise the performances of individuals and teams alike. Drawing from the expertise of our multidisciplinary teams and technical knowhow, we train and advise our customers in the defence, aerospace, maritime and transport sectors.

We also educate and spark the imaginations of the young and old with our immersive technology. From the Science Centre to schools, our edutainment solutions deliver impactful, inspiring and experiential learning.

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Business Process Outsourcing

With access to the latest technology and expertise of our talent pool, we help companies raise their operational competency while reducing maintenance costs and business risks. With our full suite of Business Process Outsourcing services, we can customise business needs and help optimise  IT infrastructure, storage, network and business operations.  

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Digitisation and Managed Services

Many organisations lack the internal technical expertise and resources to deal with the mounting challenges arising from today’s disruptive digital economy. Many are looking for leaner and agile solutions to increase their operational efficiencies needed to transform their business.

From deploying optimal cloud computing platforms and services to the designing and management of data centres backed by our suite of IT Service Management tools, we can customise organisational needs and help enhance IT infrastructure, storage and operations.

We have a proven track record of helping organisations optimise their energy savings and cost efficiencies to meet business continuity needs and generate growth.

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Smart Digital Building

Our Smart Digital Building solutions enable a better and smarter built environment by focusing on three areas - (1) Energy Efficiency and Optimisation, (2) People and Asset Protection, and (3) Human Resource Management and Optimisation. These are achieved by unifying and utilising technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics that will provide integrated insights and outcomes.

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