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Our people are at the heart of everything we do. Read about their stories of passion and inspiration. 

Upholding Reliability in Composite Solutions

Emma Svensson

Reimagining How We Live and Work through Unmanned Technologies

Lim Yu Yu

Reimagining Road Traffic Management with AI

Tedmond Ho

From Aspiration to Altitude

Elaine Chan

Ensuring Aircraft Part Quality in Aviation MRO

Eugene Tan

Optimising Efficiency and Collaboration

Jimmy Johnson

Advancing Vessel Operations with NERVA

Tan Jie Hng

Future-Proofing Business Operations

Rajat Kumar

Empowering District-Wide Management

Cecilia Dai

Merging the Strategic and Technical

Amir Khosh

Getting Ahead in Software Development

Lee Ruii Ying

Levelling Up in Cloud

Ong Wee Kim

Passion for Flight

Iswandie Bin Wanhar

Advancing Smart Metro Solutions in Thailand

Suthikarn Chujai

Driven to Deliver Data-Driven Insights

Darrick Lau

Building a Secure Future with Data Science

Esther Gloria Dawes

Creating Smarter Traffic Solutions

Scindia Shankar

Advancing Mission-Critical Applications

Chua Jun Long

Harmonising Tech and Art

Sherrayne Tay

Women in Aerospace Engineering

Zhang Tian

Expanding our Footprint Beyond Borders

Nick Muttai

An Insider View of Submarines

Ang Tau Seng

From Aerostructure Design to Data Science

Azhar Athly

Defining the Maritime Industry with Technology

Germaine Ee

Advancing Engineering with Tech

Chung Keng Ying

From Software Engineer to Business Head

Tan Boon Leong