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Trusted Security and Defence Partner

With customers in more than 40 countries, we are a trusted partner for military technology, smart defence systems, robotics and autonomous solutions.

A leading provider of integrated mobility systems and security solutions across defence, homeland security and commerce, we are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of specialty vehicles and a provider of automotive Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services including fleet leasing and management.

In the U.S., we are also known as a premium manufacturer of road construction and maintenance equipment, specialised truck bodies and trailers for major fleet and truck leasing operators, food and beverage distributors, as well as municipal authorities. 



Mobility Solutions for Defence and Security

With decades of expertise in the development of military technology and innovative engineering solutions, our military vehicles have proven their capabilities in battlefield mobility, personnel protection and firepower in real-life combat deployment.

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Weapons and Ammunition

We offer a wide spectrum of weapons and ammunition across large, medium and small calibre categories including howitzers, grenade launchers and military-grade rifles.

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Soldier Systems

Using the latest smart technologies and advanced materials, the integrated Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment (ARIELE) Soldier System epitomises the new age of warfighting. It provides maximum comfort, protection and mobility to enhance the effectiveness and capabilities of modern Armed Forces.

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Specialty Vehicles and Automotive Services

We are an engineering solutions provider and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of specialty vehicles for the construction, road paving, emergency and other delivery services. We are the exclusive importer and distributor of MAN Truck and Bus in Singapore and Myanmar and the authorised distributor of BYD electric commercial vehicles in Singapore.

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Robotics and Autonomous Systems

We leverage the latest smart technology and our deep expertise to develop robotics and autonomous systems to meet the needs of our customers' across the transport, logistics, healthcare and hospitality industries. 

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Testing and Inspection

We provide a wide range of accredited tests and certified inspections across the vehicle, industrial and consumer segment. Our conveniently located vehicle inspection centres provide professional vehicle inspection services.

We also offer a range of testing, inspection, calibration and certification services for various industries using accredited and reliable test methods, helping them meet safety, quality and performance standards.

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Our comprehensive Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) solutions optimise equipment serviceability and vehicle fleet operations in every stage of your assets’ life cycle. The MRO solutions range from upgrades, fleet overhaul and modernisation to after-sales support and inventory management.

We also provide end-to-end smart rail MRO solutions to strengthen the reliability and sustainability of your rail infrastructure system.

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Leveraging the latest technology and training methodology, we provide customised training for driver and operators in the defence and commercial sectors. Our solutions and services encompass classroom learning, online training, hands-on practice and simulator workouts.

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Engineering Design & Manufacturing

Back by our extensive engineering capabilities and dedicated subject matter experts, we take pride in delivering high quality, customised engineering solutions and consultancy services to meet our customers’ needs.

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